Wedding Photography Pricing Explained and Why Mine is Changing.

If you are receiving this post then you will have at some point been interested in my photography, possibly my wedding photography.  If this is you and you haven’t yet booked then please read on…

The wedding part of my business is getting busier and busier and more and more of my customers are requesting photography albums afterwards so I have rethought my packages and will be changing what I offer and naturally as a result my prices will also change.

Most people understand why wedding photography is priced the way it is, but I thought it might help to see what is involved from the start of meeting a couple to after the wedding and any products have been purchased.

So if we use the example of an couple have met me at a Wedding Fair and want to book a full day, this is what happens:

1/ Details taken at Wedding Fair – 30 minutes approx

2 / Couple contacted via email regarding booking consultation and couple respond, date booked – 45 minutes approx

3 / Consultation appointment – normally up to 2 hours

4 / Admin – emailing, contracts, privacy policy and balance paid – 1 hour approx

5 / Contact regarding booking pre wedding session – 45 minutes approx

6 / Pre Wedding Session – normally 1 hour 30 minutes maximum

7 / Editing of images – normally up to 10hrs

8 / Admin re uploading of images, emailing couple and responding to questions – 45 minutes approx

9 / Attend reception venue and scout location at relevant times, check sunset pattern – up to 2 hours

10 / Admin – emailing regards final meeting, and wedding rehearsal – 45 minutes approx

11 / Wedding Rehearsal -up to 1 hour

12 / Final wedding meeting – up to 2 hours to go over all details

13 /  Type up group lists and timetable for the day, email it to couple – up to 2 hours

14 / Make any relevant changes to the timetable / group lists – 20 minutes approx

15 / Wedding day – assuming full day booked – up to 13 hours

16 / Editing images – full day weddings normally get a minimum of 600 images – normally up to 35hrs

17 / Exporting and Uploading images to gallery host site – up to 4 hours

18 / Admin emailing couple regarding gallery access, emailing regarding album and products – 2 hours approx

19 / Design and order album, including making any changes – Up to 4 hours

20 / Album arrives and customer is contacted, album delivered – 1 hour approx

I have spent up to 84 hours on this wedding!


It is certainly an awful lot of hours and this doesn’t cover all the other aspects of being a Wedding Photographer that is not included in the list:

Subscriptions to hosting gallery site, webpage, Adobe, Studio Ninja admin system.

Memberships to photography organisations such as the Guild of Photographers.

Insurance costs – legal support and car business cover

Cost of equipment

Equipment cover and repairs as well as servicing

Cost of training ( personally I have spent almost £1250 to date to improve my skills )

Fuel costs / travel

Electric and phone bills

Advertising and promotional costs

Props / Photography supplies

Admin / Stationary supplies

There are no doubt many more aspects but this is just the few main ones.

So why do Wedding Photographers charge what they do?  All of the above and more!

How Will My Wedding Packages Change?

So as a result I am having to change my packages but the way they will change will benefit my future couples as they will include the products that all my recent couples have asked for, so you will be getting a complete package from start to finish and inclusive of products afterwards.

So if you are thinking about booking me but would like to keep my current prices then please contact me before July 30th 2018 and book your date!

You can email me at or by clicking here.

Thanks for reading and supporting me on my journey so far – there are exciting times ahead xxx

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