5 reasons why you should have a pre-wedding photo session!

A pre wedding photo session can also be referred to as an engagement shoot or a couple shoot.  These can be done when a couple are newly engaged or nearer the wedding date.

A pre wedding photo shoot is one of my favourite photo sessions!  I will always discuss these 5 reasons with my clients as I think its so important to experience it and get some beautiful images of you together before you tie the knot!

Laura and James PreWed-16


So here goes, my 5 main reasons to have a pre-wedding photo session are:

1: For you to get some stunning images of you with your partner before you get married!

Well come on, who wouldn’t want lovely images of themselves with their partner in a lovely location?!  The images I capture for you at a pre wedding photo session will be relaxed, natural and intimate, capturing how you both feel about each other.  I want you to look at your images and feel the love you have for each other as well as feel that the images best show you both as you are.

I use natural light to create my images and to emphasise the feelings you have for one another.

Laura and James PreWed-7

2: You can practice before your big day

If you really don’t like having your photo taken then a pre wedding session is great to try and relieve those fears and worries you have about it.  Remember you don’t always have to be looking at the camera for the photos, if you are nervous or self conscious then I will always try and make you feel at ease x


3: You can see how I work

Nothing puts somebody at more ease than already knowing who is taking your photos and what to expect so the pre wedding session is done to enable this to happen.

At the pre wedding session you will see how I interact with you, you will see that i will not make anyone do any rigid posing, you will see that I allow you and your partner to walk, talk, relax, maybe encourage you to tease each other and also have fun!  You have picked me to take your wedding images because you like my style, well this is when you see how I create it x

4:  I get to see what works for you – investment

Not only does the pre wedding session show you how I work, it is good for me to see what works for you both as a couple.   If you are anxious with the camera facing you then what makes you feel more comfortable?  What are your natural holding positions? What are your dominant hands for hand holding? Are you playful?

All of these things help me to determine what works best for you both and I will then take this new found information with me on the day of your wedding!

C&B Pre Wedding-11


Come on, your wedding day will be so busy that you wont get as much time to enjoy the photography on the day, your pre wedding session is for you!  Its for you both to have some quality time together before you tie the knot and to have a laugh!

Enjoy it, treat it like a pamper session, threaten to push your ice cream into your partners face!

Gently tease and push each other whilst you are walking.


Giggle and wind each other up!

Laura and James PreWed-11


Watch me nearly fall into a stream – this has happened and I did get my foot wet! 😉

This is a great time to just let your hair down and enjoy each others company!


Those of you who know me know how much I enjoy meeting new couples and capturing their moments in time, these moments come around once only and are unique.  Our days are precious and I am proud to be able to record these memories for all of my clients.

If you are interested in booking me for your wedding I am currently taking bookings for 2019 and 2020 and Summer dates are already getting booked.

I am a Wedding Photographer with a natural, relaxed style in Staffordshire and I also cover the Midlands, Warwickshire, Shropshire and Derbyshire.

If you would like to enquire about booking a wedding with me you can click here or you can email me at yvonnejamesphotography@gmail.com .


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