My Top 5 Tips to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

There are so many things to consider when you are planning your big day – here I will list my top 5 tips to help you when choosing your wedding photographer.

This list is not exhaustive but they are factors which, for me who has been a bride, but now as a wedding photographer will always encourage people to consider before making any final decisions.

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TOP TIP 1 – When you look at the photographers portfolio – do you like it?

Have you had a good look at the photographers work? There are many different styles of photography from dark and moody, to dramatic and vibrant, vintage, to light and airy.  You need to ensure that you know what style you want and then find the photographer who will be able to deliver that style for you.  I cannot stress enough that you need to see examples of their work, please don’t trust their word that they can do it.  This is such an important day in your life, you cannot afford to just trust that someone can do it without seeing any proof.  Your wedding day is a day that you will never get back.

TOP TIP 2 – Does the photographer appear reliable and do they have a good track record?

Okay this one is essential as you want to pick somebody who will firstly stay true to their word and show up on the day, but one that has reviews and testimonials from other bride and grooms.   You could check their webpage and see if they have a testimonials page and see what the feedback is, also if they have a Facebook page you could even click on the person who has left a review and find out more about their experience.  Years ago when I was in a management job I was told to always remember the anagram WOMBAT which stands for Word Of Mouth, Best Advertising Technique, and its so true!

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TOP TIP 3 – Are they professional?

Now this isn’t meant to be a condescending question to somebody but if you are going to trust them to photograph the most important day of your life you need to be sure they have they relevant insurances and have taken steps to comply with GDPR / Data Protection.  If they are classing themselves as professional then these are things that they should have in place and be happy sharing with you.  The insurances that they should have as a responsible professional are public indemnity and public liability insurance.  They should also have produced an updated Data Protection Policy explaining what they do with any personal data they recieve, how they store it, why they store it and for how long they store it.  It may not seem important now but without these insurances what would happen if they left their photographic equipment lying around and you tripped causing an injury on your wedding day?  The chance of that happening may be slim but it could happen.


TOP TIP 4 – If you are considering an album or wall art – have they got examples to show you?

Well I know that when I was getting married I knew that I wanted an album so I needed to see examples before I committed to buying anything.  You need to touch an album, feel the material, feel the pages, see the quality of print to be able to make the decision.  This album will be with you for many years to come – it has to stand the test of time and you have to WANT to keep looking at it.  If an album makes you want to go to it, open it and look through it then its done its job.

Its the same with any products such as prints and wall art.  You want to be sure that the photographer is using a good quality print laboratory.  I am not here to slate any retailer but I can tell you that the professional labs that I use ( which are not open to the public ) produce top quality products.  There is no comparison to the high street printers that use cheaper dyes and printers.


TOP TIP 5 – Meet them properly.  Do you click????

What do I mean by this?  I mean you need to meet the photographer properly, have an organised meeting where you can discuss your wedding, let the photographer explain how they work and what they do – from this you will get a feel for what they are like and you can also ask them questions.  Grill them a little if you want – after all if you are going to be paying them for a service you want  to be sure on what you are getting.

Do you feel you gel with them at the end of the meeting?  Does the photographer feel they gel with you?  This is a two way street, a business deal cannot work if its one sided.  If at the end of the meeting you have liked what you have heard, have seen and tips 1-4 are ticked off then go ahead and do whats right for you!

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I wish you all the best in looking for your wedding photographer – enjoy the search.



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