The adorable Betty

When a dog who makes your heart melt comes for a photoshoot.

Betty is a Basset Hound.  Betty is a beauty!

Now I am not sure if you are thinking of the same thing but when I see or think of a Basset Hound my first thought is Droopy Dog from the old cartoons when I was a kid.  Yes Betty is not the same colour as Droopy Dog but I think its the long floppy ears and the incredibly sad eyes that get me – the term ‘puppy dog eyes’ comes to mind.

Well Betty was everything a Basset Hound dog is!  She had the shorter stumpy legs, the long floppy ears which she would stand on as she ran causing her to fall over!  She had that the large paws, the ‘ taking it easy’ personality which meant there was very little running as she certainly didnt feel the need to rush, but most importantly she had the eyes!  The eyes that meant men as well as women would stop and just say ‘ awwwww ‘ .

I mean how can you not look at this beautiful pooch and not say ‘ awwww’?

Betty160418-5 small

We met at Marquis Drive in Cannock Chase by the cafe and took a short stroll.  Betty was very well behaved and was clearly adored by her owner Sarah.

Betty was let off the lead and had a few short runs but found she clearly preferred a slow walk!

This was beyond a doubt one of the most fun dog shoots I have ever done!  Take a look below at a few of the images from the session.betty blog

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