The shoes and dress maketh the Bride

Now that I am getting further into my wedding photographer career I have found I am meeting so many different types of Bride – whether it be in taste or style, and I am seeing how they represent their personality through the dress, shoes and jewellery that they have chosen to wear.

I love seeing such a variation and I do firmly believe the Bride should be herself on her wedding day – if that means doughnuts instead of cake:


The doughnut display in place of cake

bright non-traditional shoes:


The brides shoes

or a dress that is not ivory or white then so be it!


Blush pink wedding dress

I loved all these details at the weddings and I really enjoy capturing these details for the brides.

So if you are planning your wedding now, remember that its your day and do it your way……  oh and book me so I can photograph all your lovely details!!!!



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